How to become a Film/TV Extra

How to become a Film/TV Extra. They aren't really called that anymore. They are called ‘back ground supporting artist’.... so now you know. But do you know how to be one? Here is my brief guide on 'How to become a Film/TV Extra'. A few years ago I had the opportunity to feature in the DC

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Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic Growth. What is Post Traumatic Growth? What is at the other end of the scale? Post Traumatic Decay? Decline? Derail? I’m not sure. Why do some people seem to be able to get back on the horse and move on after a trauma and some don’t? 'What doesn't kill (can) make you stronger'

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The Art of Storytelling (VIDEO)

The Art of Storytelling   Storytelling is joke telling, it's knowing your punch line, your ending. It's knowing that everything you say from the first to the last sentence is leading to a singular goal. Andrew Stanton Storytelling is an art form. Storytelling is an art form. Over the years I have been taught, shown

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