Meeting Michael Bublé

Meeting Michael Bublé   It’s mid October 2011 and I’m sat with 200 like-minded folk at Elstree Studios, London. We are all admiring the beautiful Canadian lodge in front of us decked with fairy lights, wreaths, a beautiful fireplace and wistfully considering how we can make our front rooms look as stunning on an Ikea…
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Life in a Wheelchair

    Life in a Wheelchair – Part One After I was injured I spent some time in a wheelchair; I got to understand some of the restrictions that come with using one of these mobility aids. Some of it was not so much fun but there was the odd moment when it wasn’t so bad. There…
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5 Amazing Things Which Saved My Life?

5 Amazing Things Which Saved My Life?   What are the 5 Amazing Things Which Saved My Life? Actually, 6 things saved my life if I’m honest. I simply would not have survived these injuries if I had received them in the UK. Now that statement isn’t a criticism of the National Health Service or…
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