After Dinner Speaking

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After Dinner Speaking

After Dinner Speaking is so much fun. I find laughter is the best medicine


After Dinner Speaking, how hard can it be? I help promote your event to promote key aims to promote your organisation.

I consider the following well before my speech.

  • Contact client to discuss requirements.
  • Understand any key messages the client wishes me to focus on.
  • Understand who my audiences are is essential before I speak.

I have spoken on behalf of several different organisations, which include:

  • Help for Heroes at The Brewery in London. This event raised a considerable amount and resulted in a huge private donation. Read my testimonial HERE
  • After dinning speaking event for Help for Heroes delivered at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair London. Read my testimonial HERE
  • St. Georges Day lunch at The Brewery London in aid of several charities.
  • Battle of the Commentators, hosted by ex England rugby legends Austin Healey and Will Greenwood. This event was not for the faint hearted. We helped raise funds for Blood, Sweat & Gears.

I have been to several After Dinner functions recently. Read some of my more amusing experiences HERE



Biography - Simon Harmer Blown Away


In 1997 I joined the Army as a combat medic, they taught me to soldier and how to save life. I discovered my true passions in the army, sport and adventurous training. I enjoyed triathlon, but loved competing in cross county skiing.

In 2009 my life changed forever after I received injuries from an explosion. With help, I rebuilt my life and then threw myself into different challenges. Later, I became a volunteer ambassador for several service charities. I wanted to give back and repay the help I received.

Now I speak about my experiences and what I have learned from them. I still live in Winchester with my beautiful wife and three super charged kids. FULL BIO


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