Expert Public Speaking Apps

I provide public speaking presentations every month and often need a little help from technology. In this article I’ll share with you some of the top mobile apps which I use all the time. A few of these apps will appear obvious, but I use them in a different ways. Apps are incredibly useful in making my life a little easier and less stressful. Many professionals benefit from the use of apps, being a public speaker is no different. We are lucky to have the access to this technology. Lets get cracking and have a look at the some of the expert public speaking apps I use all the time.


Simply great design for you and your team.


I came across this awesome app after a recommendation. The Canva platform is more than just a useful app for your phone, use this product to edit your photographs or one of their many stock images to fit all your social media platforms. The features I like to use help me create beautiful banners and images for blog posts just like this one. Not only is this app is free to download, it is simple and really easy to use.

I’m currently designing a Canva Presentation to use at my next public speaking engagement, look out for a future blog to see how it worked out.

Prezi App

Designed for people who aren’t designers.


The Prezi app is awesome, I use this app for 80% of all my public speaking engagements. This presenting platform is an easy and interactive system it allows you to create bespoke and visually beautiful presentations. Prezi has a library of templates which you can adapt to suit all your needs. Prezi has encouraged me to use almost no text in any of my presentations, pictures, for me, paint a thousand words. Many of my presentations, now, have a very conversational feel to them which fits in with the way I like to deliver my keynote talks. Prezi can also be controlled from your smart phone which allows you to practice, watch and present almost anywhere.

Keynote App

Beautiful presentations for everyone. By everyone.


I must start using the Keynote app more, it has a tonne of great features which any public speaker would love. Being able to collaborate on a presentation with friends or the rest of your team is incredibly useful. This feature also allows you to forward your presentation to the event techies too. The bonus I really like is being able to edit your presentation on all Apple products as well as on a PC via your web browser.

I found these top tips to get the most out of Keynote HERE


Take your presentation to the next level.


Powerpoint is one of the most commonly used presentations platforms on the market. I started out using Powerpoint, it is an easy platform to use and has an instantly recognisable look. As with most of these apps you can now control your presentation from your smart phone or smart watch.

Google Slides

Create inspiring presentations.


There is a lot going on in the free Google Slides app. You can choose from a library of pre-made templates which anyone from your team can check and edit if necessary. All your presentations can be accessed and edited whilst out and about which is a real bonus. The best bit you can deliver your presentation without an internet connection, which can be a life saver.


Take your docs anywhere.


The Dropbox app has saved my skin on so many occasions. Sometimes your technology may not work, a common reason can be accessibly to someone else’s network. I have not been able to use my laptop at a presentation before because of this very reason. Luckily I aim off for this eventuality by uploading a copy into dropbox safely tucked away just incase. The files I use are all large so having a reliable ‘cloud’ to keep my files is reassuring.

Google Maps


Google maps might seem a no brainer, it is. This app is essential to me, I use taxi’s to get about a lot especially in big cities. This app is incredibly important I plan my route, not just direction but how long it will take to get there. Being late just isn’t an option or an excuse.

Camera App


This might seem tenuous trust me it isn’t. I use this app to take pictures of some of the most important information I need for an event. For example the address of my hotel or the location of where my presentation is taking place. I don’t have to trawl though emails or look up information. I’ve already taken a visual record which is a few thumb clicks away. Simple. This app has is also useful to keep a record of the day to use on social media. Top Tip: Ask one or two members of the audience to tell you what they thought of your presentation. With their permission this is a great way to get a testimonial of your work.

We Transfer

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world.


We Transfer is another useful app which I have used many times. Event organisers may ask for a copy of your presentation before hand, as I mentioned before the files I use are large. We Transfer allows you to share files up to 2GB, for free. This saves a lot of hassle and stress on the day when you need to be focussing on delivering your keynote talk.


Organise your work and declutter your life.


I love using Evernote this is a really useful tool which can be used in conjunction with the app below. How do I use it? I can save research for a particular project, hotel bookings in an easy to find place, scripts I am using for an event and receipts so I don’t lose them. I can also collaborate on projects, this allows me to see changes to any shared documents in real time.

Evernote Scannable

Scannable captures the paper in your life quickly and beautifully.


Evernote Scannable is currently only usable on iPad and iPhone. What does it do? I use it to scan any business cards I have been given, the information is also uploaded to my contact list. I also use it to scan all the receipts I have gathered, all this is safely saved in my Evernote account.

Youtube App


You might think this is an odd app to include in this post. I use Youtube app to research and learn new ways to deliver better content. My main source TED TALKS. If you haven’t heard of TED TALKS where have you been all this time?

Speaking Timer & Clocks

Apple Clock


The built in app on my smart phone is okay, but I have found I really meed an app which I can see from a cross the room. Knowing exactly how much time I have to work with is essential. This apps below have been made specifically for this purpose.

A Speech & Presentation Timer Pro


iOS and Android both have access to this app. I like the way this app looks and is easy to use. The stand out features include the ‘traffic light’ coloured back ground which changes to reflect how much time you have left. The text is big and easy to read. In your app store you will find a basic version, which is free and a pro version you have to pay to up grade.



SpeakerClock does an awesome job of emulating the countdown clock that all speakers need to adhere to. This has a similar ‘traffic light’ system which lets you know how much time you have left with your audience. This app is great for practicing your presentation and nailing your talk down to the last second.

Polling App

Poll Everywhere

Engage your audience or class in real time


Poll Everywhere gives you live interactive audience participation which can be used for business, education and events. This app supports Keynote, Powerpoint and Google Slides. How does this app work? Users can respond to a question via their web browser, text message or by using the Poll Everywhere app. The only limiting factor is cost, the free option is available but it doesn’t give you access to the features which makes it such a great tool. Sign up for short periods to use this software for a specific event this means you are not locked in for an annual subscription.