Funny After Dinner Stories

Funny After Dinner Stories

I’ve seen it all at After Dinner Functions. Incredible generosity, brilliant hosts and people having great fun whilst raising huge amounts for various charities and causes. But I’ve also seen some amusing stuff as well, here’s a few funny after dinner stories!

The Drunk Celebrity

I attended an After Dinner Function as a guest speaker in London. I won’t say where or who was involved, let’s just say it was a top London location with a well know male television personality. Now I don’t drink at the best of times and I wouldn’t drink before I have to get up and give a presentation, I’m unsteady enough on my feet as it is without introducing alcohol. At this particular After Dinner Function our well known male television celebrity turned up rather drunk, he had been drinking before hand, in addition he was late and had forgotten to bring his trousers. It was a black tie event, he had remembered his dinner jacket, shirt and bow tie, but he had forgotten his trousers. He looked awful wearing the dark pair of corduroy trousers which he had travelled up in. It got worse, much worse. He was supposed to be hosting the night, which to be fair he did manage, in his corduroy trousers. He told some jokes which got lots of laughs and things seemed to be okay. Until he had to host the auction as the auctioneer. Epic fail, he was all over the place. He kept missing bids from the audience and was forgetting what he was supposed to be selling. In the end someone else come over had to take over for him. It was rather embarrassing but this guy didn’t seem to think anything was amiss.

The Athletes Ego 

I know some sports men and women have big egos, it kind of goes with the territory. But sometimes it’s best to play it cool. Again I won’t mention who was involved but I will say it was another male celebrity, from the world of international sport. This After Dinner Function was raising money for another military charity. This male athlete decided that the whole event was about him and treated every one as such. He didn’t realize that a small group attending the event were all servicemen who had been in the Special Forces. Big mistake, now these guys don’t make a big deal of things and tend to keep themselves to themselves. This lad didn’t make it easy for himself, especially when he brought his ego to their table! No one knows what was said in the ear of this lad but he was an awful lot quieter after a little chat.

The Drunk City Boy

The last After Dinner Function I’ll mention didn’t involve any celebrities just a very drunk city banker. This guy had managed to literally drink himself under the table, literally. He was busy downing another pint rather dramatically, he was leaning further and further back with this pint glass attached to his mouth. Eventually he fell backwards into a table, luckily the meal had been eaten and no one was sitting down, the table was empty of guests. He then proceeded to roll off the table and fall on the floor, finally  ending up underneath the table. There he stayed for the rest of the evening, a sleep.

This is why I love After Dinner Functions…. And funny after dinner stories.

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