Inspirational Series: Jason Rawles

Inspirational Series: Jason Rawles is my guest writer for this edition of the Blown Away inspirational series. I first meet Jason when he invited me as a guest to talk about adventure and what it means to me up in Llanberis North Wales. It was a no brainer for me as I had spent a bit of time up in North Wales taking part in all sorts of different adventurous activities. I was immediately struck by Jason’s love for the countryside, his desire to be amongst it and to look after it. He is passionate about promoting adventure for everyone regardless of age, sex, race or ability – adventure for all!

Inspirational Series: Jason Rawles

Inspirational Series: Jason Rawles


* What inspired/inspires you to do what you do?


My love of adventure and all it brings to my life and the life of others. We live on an amazing island with some much adventure wonderfulness (is that a word?!). As a youth I was always outdoors and we seem to forget that as adults. We become so fixated out ‘the job in hand’ and suddenly think that adventures are massive mountains and remote expeditions. I’m inspired by those around me, the environment I’m in, and the opportunity ahead for everyone.

Elements of society are breaking down and my personal view is adventure can be a fix. Not just a plaster on it, but a proper fix. I want to help lead a charge to promote #Adventure4All and get everyone outdoors.

* What you do?


I’m involved in numerous aspects of adventure! I work as an Adventure Guide helping people fulfil their outdoor goals and aspirations. I’m currently writing a book to help guide people to make great decisions to #GetOutside. I run The Adventurer Club which is a community to help a million people to benefit from the outdoors…

* Who inspired you as a youngster?


In my early, early years it was my Grandad, Bob. He was a mountain of a man with outstanding principles. Unfortunately he died on Valentine’s Day a good few years back but he’s left me the core values I hold dear. Another great man was Tony Collins who has also passed away. He gave so much without wanting in return and did so much for my family in times of need. Both men teaching me about the goodness that’s in humanity.

I spent my teenage years in the Air Cadets in particular 220 Squadron in St Albans where I grew up. The team in place were so passionate about supporting youth development. Our Commanding Officer Trevor Gurd, for all of his bumblings, was a good man.

While not quite as a youngster, but certainly leading in to the here and now my Step Dad, Roy, was just the most amazing person ever. He gave so much and loved unconditionally. Just the best man that my Mum could have ever married.

Inspirational Series: Jason Rawles

* Who inspires you now?


Probably sounding cheesy but my Mum. She gives so much to others even though life has thrown pretty much everything it has to offer at her. She remains a solid rock for us boys (me and my two brothers) and even though I’m 42yrs old I’ll still be a worry for her. She’s my hero.

Reading above you’ll see that values and humanity are a thread that runs through me. Not just adventure. The people who have families or commitments, struggle, push on, still smile and manage to love, are those who inspire me.

* Your job allows you a lot of freedom – what do you get from it?


I suppose that’s a perception because I’m pretty rammed all the time. The trick is to blend pay and passion to make it seem like it’s all fun. Well, because then it is. I still struggle with finances, hold my head in my hands in despair, and at times it can be lonely and dark. But I’m then very quick to remember I have a roof over my head, wonderful people around me, and a superb opportunity afforded to me.

* What are you currently planning/doing?


I’m writing a book and crowd funding to help pay for design, publishing etc. and the fundamental principle is to help inspire the everyday adventurer to #GetOutside more often.

 The launch of The Adventurer Club is exciting and I’m working with a team to get the back end IT stuff set up. To be able to share content, in a simple and easy way, again, to inspire people to make great decisions.

I’m taking loads of bookings at the moment for my Adventure Guiding work which is amazing as it keeps me in the mountains.

Aside of that, being a #GetOutside Champion for Ordnance Survey keeps me busy and as an Ambassador for Ellis Brigham and Keen Footwear, it keeps me focused on getting great content out to the world.

If you would like to find more about Jason please look him up here:

Twitter – Jason Rawles

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Inspirational Series: Jason Rawles