Inspirational Series: Laura Ash

Inspirational Series: Laura Ash

Inspirational Series: Laura Ash

I first met Laura and her husband Barry after I delivered a talk in Royal Tunbridge Wells at a TEDx event, I had just come off stage and I was buzzing. Then I met these two, straight away I had met kindred spirits, they are incredibly kind, generous with their time and  very passionate about what they do. Laura and Barry own Rock Solid which is a Personal Training company based in Kent, however they do much more than just just get clients in a gym, they offer and deliver a holistic programme which really changes peoples lives. Read on to find out what I asked Laura.

What inspired/inspires you to do what you do?

The inspiration I get from what I do everyday is my clients and followers changes that they make every day.
It inspires me to see other people take action and become free of their thoughts and get back in control of their lives.
For me this is a really uplifting experience when they “Get it!” the “ah ha” moment!
It’s real magic and better than anything ever you have experienced.

Inspirational Series: Laura Ash

What do you do?


Myself and my husband (Barry) own a company called Rock Solid. We work in the health and fitness industry and our expertise is mindset – of Conscious Control as we call it.
We help people to get clarity and awareness of their past and the habits that hold them there.
We have so many destructive and negative thoughts and behaviour patterns that make us miserable every single day.
Our inspiration for this line of work especially with the conscious control has been through my battles with Bi Polar and OCD and Barry’s Dyslexia.
We understand how powerful thought is and how powerful the human mind is, but we also understand how destructive it can be.
We help to get people out of the past, with truth and get them to step into the present so they can live an abundant and limitless future.
We help people to get a fit mind first and then upgrade there bodies to give them a fit body. All through fitness, food and conscious control.

Who inspired you as a youngster?

For me I always had a lot of strong female leads about me when I was growing up. My Mum was a working Mum and she worked very hard to look after the family and still work.

She was and still is a legal secretary so I had always been fascinated with the law side of life.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED superhero’s and cartoon strong female leads like She – Ra, Chetara from Thundercats, and Tila from He – Man.

I always looked up to strong female leads in the pop and acting industry. I do love me a bit of Madonna, Kyile and even Betty Boo!!

I loved them because they were strong and independent woman and they knew what they wanted and loved what they did!

You were expecting something like Margaret Thatcher weren’t you!! lol!

Inspirational Series: Laura Ash


Who inspires you now?

If you check the dictionary the word inspire means:

fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

I listen to books to inspire myself to do something creative with my life and my words.

I never do anything just to benefit myself. I always think how can THIS INSPIRE others to take action.

So for me I will listen to something and then think how can this inspire others, how can i get this message across so that others can take action from it.

I live to inspire others.

I don’t have anyone person or thing that inspires me. Everyone I meet is an inspiration to me because you can get inspiration from any conversation or any person you meet or interact with.

Your job inspires lots of people – how does this effect you?

I take everything in my stride and never let anything go to my head.

Of course it is lovely when a PT or a client says they have been following you and they love what you do. That will stroke anyone’s ego.

I still find it hard sometimes to understand how little ol me can inspire someone.

However it is the person I want to BE in this life so there is no surprise that it happens. It matches with my values in life.

Sometimes when I am having a depression it is hard to understand and that can effect me a little bit and knock me sideways. You can almost feel sometimes like a faker because your meant to be being inspirational but just not, because you cannot motivate yourself or even get out of bed.

But I suppose the inspiration there is that I talk about it to people on social media when it happens.

I do see it as a responsibility to be able to inspire people into action, and I love it!

What are you currently planning/doing?

Lots!!! as always!

At the moment we are working with other Personal Trainers teaching them our Conscious Control methods. We have a 12 week course running which is going well and we have PT’s on the course who are learning these techniques and applying them to their clients to make some pretty amazing changes!

We also are writing our 2nd book on Conscious Control which will be out as soon as I have written it!!

We are still in the schools in our local area with our first book. This is a children’s book called The Amazing Adventures of the Good Food Gang.

It follows the Good Food Gang (Violet, Jax and Hugo) lead by Solli (the Ninja Tortoise with x ray specs so he can see inside your body). Hugo has been captured by the Sugar Monster and the GFG set out to rescue him. On the way they learn about good and bad sugars through Solli and a Banana!

We are in 28 schools teaching over 5000 children this year about where their food comes from and how it effects their bodies. Its great fun!

My fav moment was when one kid said “I wish McDonalds never existed!” hilarious!

We also are running out membership site called The Hub which is aimed at helping people live a healthy lifestyle in balance and being more conscious to their thoughts and behaviours.

We also have a podcast which some handsome young chap called Mr Harmer appeared on recently….check it here

Inspirational Series: Laura Ash

We would love to offer your readers and followers our free program!

It’s a 7 day free program designed to challenge you for 7 days to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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