We have all heard the term ‘Death by Powerpoint’. I am certain that we have all sat though a boring presentation. My guess is that you may have been guilty of producing a substandard presentation. In my blog post I have researched many articles to make your presentations awesome.


Choosing your Presentation Platform.




Why is this important? When we talk about our ‘presentation’ we often refer to is as our ‘Powerpoint Presentation’ regardless of the platform. It doesn’t matter which product use there are rules we need. These will make our presentations clear, easy to read and interesting.

  • Microsoft has 500 million worldwide users or 95% of the market share. (Source)
  • Prezi has over 50 million users (Source)
  • Keynote, Apple have sold 170 million Mac Computers. (Source)
  • Google Slides has approximately 15 million users.






Research has shown that your font choice is incredibly important. The font we use effects the ability to read our text and the ‘tone’ of what we want to say. I found two article incredibly important in explaining these rules. Funnily enough they both support and challenge the rules I trying to champion.

What Font Should I Use? 5 Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces

Funky Fonts May Help Students Learn

The following considered to be easier fonts to read. However, it is well worth reading the articles above to get the best out of your presentations.

  • Times New Roman
  • Garamond
  • Verdana
  • Tahoma
  • Ariel






Font size is incredibly important, it also reinforces another point which I’ll mention later on. I use very little in the way of text as I prefer to use images as an explanation. However if you do use text stick to the following rule you can’t go far wrong.

  • Minimum size font = 18
  • Perfect size font = 24

The larger the font the less you can get on your screen. Try to make your text lean. The normal rule of thumb is 6 words and 6 lines of text. However, I would only use 6 words and 3 lines of text. Keep it as simple as you can. Remember you are only text as a take away.






Background colour and text colour are one of the biggest mistakes when making presentations. Generally we use the same background colour through all of our slides. However, when we are trying to express emotion why not use different colours for each slide? I would stay away from just using black and white, as it appears little thought has gone into a presentation. I prefer to use variations of the following.

  • My own background throughout my slides.
  • My own background on the first and last slide.
  • Blue background and white text.

These are my preferences, what works for you and your audience will be very different. Two brilliant sources of information are:

How to Choose Fonts…

How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Presentations

Choosing Colours for Your Presentation Slides

Are You a Comic Sans Criminal? 


I love making presentations, but if you stick to these guidelines then your presentations will look awesome. As a result your audience will benefit from having presentations they can understand and enjoy.