Simon’s story is truly inspiring but when he tells it himself with a shocking but hilarious sense of humour it really gives the audience perspective – you can’t help being absorbed in it. It really is an emotional roller coaster but it is underpinned by a highly motivated guy who literally spreads his motivation around the room. Highly recommended.


Bill Adams, Finance Director, Argos

Simon Harmer stands amongst a very small group of individuals whose courage, leadership and inspiration has continued beyond the Battlefield. When Simon talks, people listen. They listen not because they have to, they listen because they want to, because they can learn, because they are inspired by his story… despite losing both his legs Simon Harmer is a Giant amongst men.
He is a Soldier, a leader, an Athlete, a Friend, a Son, a Husband and a Dad but perhaps above all Sergeant Simon Harmer… is a Hero.


Mark Elliott, Head of External Operations, Help for Heroes

Simon spoke at a meeting of Winchester Rotary about his life-changing experiences in Afghanistan. His humour, courage and optimistic attitude were both humbling and inspirational.

Winchester Rotary

Gillian Russell, President Winchester Rotary

An outstanding and entertaining speaker Simon Harmer engages his audience with warmth and humour. Out of personal experience as a solider in Afghanistan he illustrates the realities of twenty-first century warfare and how the individual can overcome tragedy and adversity. His story leaves those who hear him with a lasting reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of positive thinking.



Sue Franks, Peter Symonds Sixth Form College

I first met Simon when he was a guest presenter at a corporate conference which was all about overcoming adversity; his use of the expression ‘blown away’ to describe his own journey is so applicable to how he made his audience feel as we sat open-mouthed listening to a tale so horrific, even the most vivid imagination would struggle to re-create what must have been utterly terrifying incident; never mind the road to recovery. What really blows the listener away is the extraordinary blend of humour and self-deprecation Simon deploys as the story teller of his gruesome flirt with death. This extraordinary man inspires and saddens in equal measure: when you hear his story, I defy you not only to remain dry-eyed, but also never moan about your own aches and pains ever again. Not only is he a hero; he’s also a damned good chap.


Simon Hammerschmidt, KPMG Director

“I forget what I’m taught, I only remember what I’ve learnt”. Simon doesn’t teach or preach, he just tells his extraordinary story with candour and humour. And we learn from his story that overcoming adversity and achieving incredible things is possible, and that it’s up to us. Truly inspirational.


Adrian Bruce, Homebase

I met Simon in June this year when he spoke at our corporate conference, the theme of which was “Courage, Hard work and Ingenuity”. Simon’s presentation was brilliant. Inspiring, moving, fascinating, thought-provoking and funny, all rolled into one. As you can imagine, such as inspiring day prompted many pledges for personal challenges, and that inspirational feeling has continued to flourish amongst our friends and colleagues. We had fantastic feedback from our delegates, and we all felt very privileged to have him there. Highly recommended!


Lucy Slater, Group Finance Argos

I saw Simon present at a Corporate event recently. He hit a really good balance between sharing his emotionally powerful story and making it relevant to the business audience. I would recommend working with him in future.


Greg Searle MBE, Olympic Rower

Simon Harmer breaks down barriers. In the eyes of the children at Seaburn Dene Primary School, he is simply their hero. Not because he fought valiantly in war zones or saved lives in his job as an army medic. It is because he can tell his story without worrying them and demonstrates how he takes his leg off, leaving only his stump. George aged 4 related this to his mum, explaining in the language of a 4 year old how Simon stepped on a bomb, had his legs blown off and now has a bionic leg. His mum is thrilled as she knows George will be far more accepting of disabilities.

We invited Simon into school as we are focusing on developing children to be more independent, building up resilience to deal with things that are difficult and taking on challenges and opportunities that are beyond our comfort zones. Simon delivered this in spades. He is a calm, quiet personality but audiences, both children and adults hang onto his every word.

Simon is intriguing. He has been a gutsy, adventurer all of his life and losing his legs isn’t going to change him. In fact it has spurred him on to greater opportunities. Some of us tried the hand bike that he used in the 3000 mile race across America. As he explained to the children, it would have been so easy to sit watching television or playing on his Xbox. Instead, he literally got on his bike. That came after getting on his skis and before swimming, cycling and wheelchair running in the Cotswolds Half Ironman Triathlon.
Simon Harmer may call himself ShorterSi on Twitter but to the children, staff and parents he is a giant of a man.

Maxine Purdy

Maxine Purdy, Head Mistress Seaburn Dene Primary School

I loved Simon’s talk there were no airs and graces; he cut straight to the point with great humour and humility.

He captured the attention of the audience from his first word.

I would absolutely recommend Simon to anyone looking for a motivational speaker.


Lewis Moody

Lewis Moody MBE, Former England Rugby Captain

‘I had the great pleasure of listening to Simon speak recently and from his very first sentence he set the record straight about how experiencing the unthinkable opened up a whole new world for him. Not looking for sympathy or pity, he told his tragic story with humour and such honesty that only someone with such a positive personality and inner strength could achieve. Being able to take people temporarily out of their own lives and then give them a real insight into someone else’s life on the front line I would imagine is a tough skill to achieve, but he did it and furthermore did it very well.’

Lean Lloyd

Leon Lloyd, Rugby Player England & Leicester Tigers

I have had the chance to meet Simon whilst attending the General Counsel Summit in Davos, Switzerland, back in February this year. His presentation, his words and his attitude will remain an inspiration for a while! Simon and his family have been through lifetime experiences that help you put in perspective a lot of your (and your employer’s) issues in perspective. Funny, contagiously positive, bringing Simon into one of your seminars will likely inspire your attendance and remain a highlight of your offerings! I wish Simon, his lovely wife and their children much happiness and a very successful “new” career for Simon! Thank you!!


Joanne Fischlin Associate General Counsel

I highly recommend Simon Harmer and his motivational talks that he gives. He came to my office and hosted a full house in which he talked movingly but also with humour and poise about his experiences, how he over-came the challenges he faced and what lessons for life he took away. I and my colleagues found the experience extremely relevant as we are all faced with adversity at times, and knowing how Simon pulled through his own experinces can really help people deal with their own issues. I will be looking to invite Simon back in the future to speak to the new recruits. Being that I work in the defence sector I also think it is particularly advantageous to our non-military colleagues to meet Simon and understand what motivated him to join up, to serve and ultimately to make significant sacrifice.

Tom Auld

Tom Auld Business Development Manager at Altran UK

Simon is an exceptional motivational speaker and I have had the pleasure and honour of hearing him speak at a number of events over the years. At one particular event a member of the audience was so moved by Simon’s talk that he gave the charity over £100,000, I think that says it all!

Sophie Parry - Help for Heroes

Sophie Parry – Help for Heroes

I have had the enormous pleasure of working with Simon several times and cannot recommend him highly enough. His presentations are incredibly professional, engaging, entertaining and very open and honest about his story. I have seen whole rooms hanging on his every word and eager to hear more. Added to this his openness to any questions and you have the perfect speaker.

Hannah Bower - Donor Development Manager at Help for Heroes

Hannah Bower – Donor Development Manager at Help for Heroes

I had the honour of meeting Simon when he came as our guest speaker to a customer event. His blend of humour and positivity is awe-inspiring when he talks you through this incredible story. Following traumatic life changing injuries he has gone to rebuild his life and listening to him will help put things back into perspective when you think you are having a bad day! I would highly recommend anyone looking for an exceptional guess speaker to look no further.

Joe Pincus, Business Development Director, Telent Technology Services Ltd.

We as rugby players put our bodies on the line each weekend for our club. To hear testimony from a man who put his body on the line, literally, for our country was nothing short of humbling.

Inspirational, eye opening and down right funny at times. Simons talk was a great way of uniting us as a squad and making us all realise that life is worth fighting for.

Christian Day – Northampton Saints

You can see why Saints wanted to hear from Simon Harmer.  He tells his story with astonishing clarity and understanding and without a shred of self-pity.  He’s an extraordinary example of someone who has not allowed what happened to him to ruin his life.  On the contrary, there’s almost a sense that it was a good thing – or at least that’s what he’s turned it into.  He’s made of very stern stuff and you can’t help but come away from meeting him with a sense that life is a precious thing which needs to be enjoyed.

Graham McKechnie Sports Editor, BBC Radio Northampton


Graham McKechnie Sports Editor, BBC Radio Northampton

“Simon Harmer is a man that everyone looks up to. His talk is one that, once heard, will never be forgotten; but instead be recalled over and over again as a testament to human resolve. Simon has so much time to give to all that seek it. He has a kind heart and in no way is merely a shell of his former self. He really is a true hero; a GIANT amongst men.”
Jamie Elliott Northampton Saints

Jamie Elliott Northampton Saints

“Look, listen and learn from Simon Harmer; whose tense, funny inspiring speech captured our attention. His life-changing events put all our lives into perspective and inspire us to always wake up with a smile and take on anything that is thrown our way. He is a man of his word.”

Jim Mallinder Director of Rugby Northampton Saints

“It’s so good to have you guys coming in and talking to the pupils about their choices and how they have more power than they think. It makes them realise that what us teachers are banging on about all the time is actually true and worthwhile listening to”